Why do I need to Reprice my Products?

Why should I Reprice my Products?

To reprice a product is just to update the price of a product. Usually, retailers and websites will reprice products if they are having a sale, promotion or have end of line stock they want to clear. Savvy retailers are now also repricing products based on changes to their competitors prices. As a switched on retailer, you will know who your competitors are and you probably check your competitors prices from time to time. You check your competitors pricing to see if your prices are higher or lower and you may reprice your product based on your findings.

This is standard and sensible retail business practice, both online and offline. Repricing in this manual way can be time consuming and unreliable. You don’t want to miss a change in your competitors price and loss a days worth of sales.

How do I automatically Reprice my Products?

The Repricing Co. provides a service that allows you to add your products to your Repricing Co. account and add competitors URL’s that we will automatically track for you. We check several times a day the price of your products with your competitors. Based on the rules that you add, we can then automatically reprice products in your online ecommerce or accounting package. Or we can just send you an email digest of your competitors price changes and you can reprice on your own.

The Repricing Co. provides ultimate flexibility in product repricing and is available to everyone. We offer free accounts and premium accounts.

Our service is launching soon. Watch this space.


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