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repricing amazon cyber monday

Cyber Monday 2013 Price Tracking with Amazon

Our Price tracking software doesn’t miss a trick. So, when Amazon UK lowered the price of one of their 50 inch LD Televisions from £549.99 to £209.99 on Cyber Monday this year, we all wanted to get our credit cards out and take advantage of such a dramatic promotional reprice.

This promotional repricing from Amazon repriced this product creating a massive £340 discount from the product price we tracked a few days earlier. We only price track this product on Amazon for demonstration purposes. We also price track a few other websites such as Ebuyer, who had a minor repricing from £682 to £669.99.

Checkout the graph below to see what happened to this product price on Cyber Monday 2013. This graph and the data in it was generated by our price tracking software and highlighted a serious price drop.

repricing amazon cyber monday