Stay One Step Ahead Of Your Competition

As our main focus at the Repricing Co is dynamic pricing and tracking, we do tend to bang on about the importance of developing a dynamic pricing strategy. Our no.1 tip for staying ahead of your competition is to monitor your competitor’s prices and make sure that you are always on top in Google Products. If you can undercut your competitors, consumers are much more likely to find your products online in search results.

However, we understand that that’s not all there is to e-commerce competition, and furthermore, not all businesses can afford to take this approach…

Here’s our top tips for staying ahead of competition:

  • Step up your marketing and differentiate yourself from the competition. This doesn’t have to be expensive – this can be as simple as window posters and leaflet drops, all the way to advertising campaigns in mainstream media. If you can’t rival your competitor’s prices, step it up and make sure it’s clear what makes you different, whether it’s your ethical business conduct or your first class customer service.
  • Don’t let your competitive fight for new customers distract you. Take care of your existing customers and listen to their feedback – value their feedback! Remember, 1 in 4 potential buyers rely on customer reviews before they buy a product, and furthermore, it takes 12 positive customer reviews to make up for 1 negative review! By keeping your existing customers happy, you already have a great advantage for attracting new ones.
  • Don’t be a one trick pony. Make sure that you and your staff are continuously learning and improving with the times. Times change and consumers change with it, so you will need to make sure you have all the necessary skills to keep up with the latest changes and customer needs.
  • One important thing to remember when you’re trying to stay ahead of the competition, is not to obsess! Obsessing over your competition can be bad practice and divert your attention from your own success – the things that make your business unique. Studying your competitors can be a great way not only to stand out, but to learn what works and what doesn’t. Just go easy!