Increase Sales by Offering Returns

A Good Returns Policy Makes Increases Sales

Returns are a tricky business. Online stores often shy away from offering returns. Some offer returns however using return policies that really do not favor the customer and just toe the line of statatory rights. Don’t take this the wrong way, we know some online stores offer awesome return policies. Great! And below, we will explain why some online shops do offer such good return policies to their customers.

There’s More to Sales than Advertising

It’s true that advertising is an essential aspect of running a successful online store. But advertising is only one factor in a vast number of practices that need to be followed to assure a good stream of sales on your website. Once you have attracted customers to your website, you need to work hard to keep those customers onsite. You need to work even harder to make sure that customer converts to a purchase on your online store. Offering a good returns policy is one way to convert more customers to sales.

Customers Look for Return Policies

Believe it or not, customers are actively looking for your returns policy. Make sure you have an easy to find link in either the header or the footer on your website, or even both. This way the customer can clearly see you are playing ball. Some customers just want to see the link and will never click it. Seeing a link to a returns policy instantly makes the customer relax a little about making a purchase from your store. There are a few ways to make your returns policy more user friendly and increase conversions. See our tips below for creating a successful returns policy on your online store.

  • Keep it simple. Customers should not feel like returning a product will be a big hassle. The chances are, if a customer buys a product from your store, they bought it because they want the product. In the event they have to return it, it is because they are disappoint in some way or another. Don’t add to your customers disappointment by making it hard for the customer to return their product.
  • Get casual. Don’t use too much legal terminology on your returns policy. Try to remain friendly and casual. The customer wants to be reassured they will be looked after if something goes wrong with the purchase, not like they face an exam if something is needs to be returned.
  • Don’t be greedy. Sometimes it is going to cost you to help resolve an issue with a purchase or accept a return. Don’t get carried away with numbers. You may be out of pocket, look for ways to reduce returns rather than ways to save money on returns.
  • It’s the Law. If your in the UK, Europe or the United States, changes are your going to be governed by law anyway. This means that you must offer a return policy for faulty or possibly unwanted products. Look into the law in your country or state to make sure you understand what you need to provide and what you do not.

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