How to Guarantee Lowest Price on your Products

Lowest Price Guarantees on Websites

Many online websites, and also a small handful of physical retailers, will boast a lowest price guarantee. This is great for consumers but rather time consuming for retailers. Usually this involves a customer finding a cheaper price for a specific product elsewhere and then contacting the online shop asking them to beat the price of their competitor.

The store has to then manually check the price with their competitor. They also have to check if they can match that price, and then provide the consumer with an offer to match or better the competitors price. The offer itself can be time consuming as a coupon code may need to be generated by staff. Even more time consuming would be taking the order manually as the online store may not support coupon codes of this nature.

How to offer Automatic Price Guarantees

If you want to offer an automatic lowest price guarantee then The Repricing Co. may well be right for you. Add your products to your Repricing Co. account and create some rules as to how cheap you can sell your products for. Tell us your competitors and we will check their prices several times every day to see if you need to reprice your products to fall in line. Or better still, reprice your products to beat your competitor.

Fully Integrated Repricing

The Repricing Co. can integrate with many third party software packages, such as Magento, Brightpearl, Shopify and so forth. This integration allows products to be automatically repriced without any manual intervention from staff. Safety rules and thresholds can be added to prevent your products from being sold too cheap.

So why offer a manual price guarantee to your customers when you can always have the most competitive prices without having to spend time researching and repricing.

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