Show Customers Proof your Prices are the Lowest

Live Proof your Prices are the Cheapest Online

Customers will often contact websites to ask if they can beat a competitors price or match a price elsewhere, why not provide live automatic proof that you track prices and dynamically reprice products to remain the best value around?

Live Price Tracking Widget for your Website

The Repricing Co. provide a free widget that you can put on your website product pages that show how your prices are the best prices of all your competitors. Live proof you are tracking prices on your customers behalf. Two very important consequences of offering a live price tracking widget on your site are as follows.

1. Build trust with your customers.
2. Reduce the time spent responding to request for repricing by customers.

With a live guaranteed lowest price widget on your product pages, customers will be able to plainly see that your prices are actively tracked and repriced accordingly. This will result in customers not needing to call or email to ask for a better price.

Don’t forget about the trust aspect. A trusting relation between eCommerce merchants and their customers is important. There is so much choice online, building trust with your customers could never be more valuable. How do you build trust with your online customers? Be as transparent as you can. The more information you give your customers, the more your customers will trust your brand.

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