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Automatic Repricing For Retailers

Helping you stay competitive

Simple & Intelligent Price Tracking

  • Match your competitors prices in real-time
  • Automatically update your CRM or Web Store
  • Customised daily reports emailed as your competitors change their prices
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Trust us to keep you competitive and ahead of your competition

Analyse your competitors pricing strategy

Track your competitors prices

The Repricing Co. helps you track prices being offered by your competitors or suppliers.

Our flexible and simple price tracking platform makes it easy for you to follow your competitors prices and act accordingly. Simply Register for a Free Account, then add your products and the URL’s of your competitors products. Within minutes you will be price tracking your competitors. Setup rules to email you reports of price changes or connect your Webstore for automatic price updates.

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Automatic price updates

Integrate your webstore

The Repricing Company provides repricing and price tracking software that can be connected to your CRM package or Webtore. Set repricing rules and have your product prices updated automatically as your competitors prices change.

We support Magento, Brightpearl, Amazon, Shopify and a host of other awesome packages.